How do used car sales affect buyer's decisions?

The experts are advising their customers to sell their used cars as the prices continue to surge.

The car dealer, Cap HPI, reveals that in September alone, prices jumped by 5.9 per cent, and this year, prices have risen by an incredible 26 per cent year on year. The price of the used car increases due to the shortage of new car supply, some pent-up demand, and the accidental savers splashing out. And this demand will not drop away any time soon.

Used car sales in 2021:

Use car transactions raised in quarter 2021, a total of 2,167,504 units. You can also find the popularity of the used plug-in vehicles increased even though it only increases at 1.3% of the used car market.

Over 2.1 million used cars are sold out. In which, the most popular car is Ford Fiesta, followed by Vauxhall Corsa & Ford Focus. Black proved to be the most popular car, followed by silver/aluminium and blue in terms of car colour.

Before deciding the used car purchase:

When drivers are interested in purchasing a used car, checking, and the vehicle history reports is advisable. It helps to spot the mechanical problems, performance records and also its potential threats.

Amidst this current chaos, the used car purchase needs attention as no one like to drive lemon cars. You may find the post of beware symbol while choosing the used car to take a vehicle history check.

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